Data Visualization for Biomedical Scientists


Good research can only be impactful if the message gets across. Tables and graphs are essential for scientific communication, but those we see rarely meet their full design potential. To date, progress in data visualization has not resulted in specific guidance for data handling in biomedical science. This book aims to fill these gaps, using a hands-on, step-by-step approach for creating scientific tables and graphs that work.

From design principles and basic forms to complex matrix graphs, high-impact publications and presentations. Richly illustrated and documented, its broad scope should appeal to both young and experienced investigators. 

Additional content is available at: The e-book is available via Kortext.


I learned too late that communication skills were key to a successful career in academia, yet the ability to communicate study results and data goes beyond just statistics. Dr. Boers reminds us that learning through these forms of information sharing requires art as much as science. I recommend this book to ALL of my colleagues! 

Prof. Kaleb Michaud, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE, USA

Maarten Boers, MD, MSc, PhD is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology  at VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, and rheumatologist at Reade, Center for Rehabilitation and Rheumatology, Amsterdam.