Financing sustainability

Insights for Investors, Corporate Executives, and Policymakers

Sustainability thinking is rapidly gaining traction. It o­ffers an inspiring vision for the future of the world and provides significant business and investment opportunities. Based on insights from over 300 empirical studies, this book explores the possibilities in the field of renewable energy finance, carbon trading, and sustainable investing. In addition, it describes innovative finance mechanisms – such as green bonds and peer-to-peer lending – that may further spur environmental and social sustainability. By taking an empirical, fact-based approach, this book aims to provide investors, business executives, and policymakers with a more thorough understanding of how sustainable finance can create value for business and society. Key words: Sustainable finance, renewable energy finance, cleantech, green investing, sustainable investments, responsible investments, carbon trading, carbon finance, ESG, impact investing.
“A prerequisite to successfully accelerate the transition to an era of sustainable energy and energy efficiency, is financial innovation. This book will create the necessary awareness and provides the reader with unique insight in financing sustainability.”
– Angelien Kemna, Chief Executive Officer, APG Asset Management
“In order to create wealth worth having, we need to have well informed skilled investors and an attractive narrative of what a sustainable global economy looks like. This book will help us better understand what we must do and how attractive the prospect is.”
– James Cameron, Executive Director and Vice Chairman, Climate Change Capital
“Investors in sustainable and cleantech related investments are particularly sensitive to government policy, which they often see as a risk. A better understanding of those market sensitivities can improve the future quality of regulation. Therefore every policymaker should read this book.”
– Bernard ter Haar, Director General for the Environment, Ministry for Infrastructure and the Environment, the Netherlands
“Over time responsible investing will be fully mainstreamed and subsequently simply called investing. This book provides stimulating food for thought on how to accelerate this transition.”
– Marcel Jeucken, Head of Responsible Investment, PGGM Investments