Get Smarter


Research shows that study success depends much more on behaviour than on intelligence. This is good news because behavioural patterns can be changed. In Get Smarter, you’ll learn how your brain operates so that you can put it to work for you and study more effectively.


Can Artificial Intelligence help you with this? Absolutely. AI has become an indispensable part of higher education. But despite its many benefits, AI also has its downsides. This book is filled with tools and techniques to use AI as a ‘study buddy’. Knowing how to use AI smartly and responsibly will allow you to learn more efficiently, plan your study tasks and time better, and memorise things faster.


Get Smarter gives you the insights, exercises and tips you need to be the best student you can be – and to have fun in the process.


Mirjam Pol has acquired years of experience as a study adviser and student counsellor. In this acclaimed book, she combines knowledge from psychology and neurosciences with traditional study skills.