Mentoring Academics

A Compact Guide for Mentors in Academia

Life in academia has never been more demanding. It leaves little time to learn the ropes, find the way, develop skills, change direction, and no time for false starts. Good support and guidance can make a difference to someone’s success, and even to someone’s well-being. The problem is that academics are so busy that they don’t have a lot of time to reflect on the guidance they provide, let alone master the finer points of mentoring.


Mentoring Academics is aimed at making your mentoring more productive and effective by providing:

* Context

* Practical strategies

* Examples and vignettes

* Compact summaries of what to do and what to avoid


This short book can be used for advising postgraduates, early career researchers, experienced academics, and even academia veterans.


Professor Newton’s book is based on many years of experience as a mentor, training academics in all disciplines, and the mentoring lead of a team in a large, university department in the UK. An academic and prolific author himself, he understands the high expectations of academic achievement as well as the challenges of mentors and those they support. This book draws on that experience and gives you the tools to help others find their way to success while forging mutually rewarding mentoring relationships.