Ombuds Work in Higher Education


In this guide, all aspects of ombuds work in higher education are discussed clearly and thoroughly, from the implementation and context of the ombuds function, the everyday practice of an ombudsman (m/f/x) to international differences in terms of the ombudsman’s mandate and powers.
How can ombudsmen carry out their work correctly and effectively? What kinds of complaints do they investigate? How do they deal with complainants and respondents? Should complaints of students and employees be handled differently? And how do ombudsmen maintain impartiality?
This book is not only relevant to ombudsmen worldwide, but is also an insightful read for administrators, policy staff and potential users of the ombuds service.

Lies Poesiat has worked as an ombudsman at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam since 2007. Prior to this, she held the position of ombudsman at the University of Amsterdam. Lies Poesiat served on the steering committee for the European Network for Ombuds in Higher Education (ENOHE) for many years, is co-founder and former chair of the Dutch Association of Higher Education Ombudsmen (VOHO) and gives lectures about her work both nationally and internationally.


The e-book is available via Kortext.