Orgelpark Research Projects Vol. 5


The Orgelpark is a concert venue in Amsterdam; its aim is to integrate the organ into musical life in general. The Orgelpark initiated the Orgelpark Research Program in 2008. The Orgelpark Research Reports are published in cooperation with the Chair of Organ Studies at VU University Amsterdam. The Orgelpark Foundation established the Chair in 2010. Orgelpark Research Report #5 is dedicated to the New Baroque Organ the Orgelpark is building. This is part 1. It includes extended text versions of the lectures given at the colloquia that took place at the Orgelpark in the spring of 2014. Each of these colloquia addressed a specific aspect of the concept of the New Baroque Organ. The first colloquium, on March 22, focused on general and artistic research aspects of the project; the second one, on May 3, discussed temperament issues; the third one, on May 17, was dedicated to questions regarding electronic devices the organ might include.