Tradition in Dialogue


‘Tradition’ is a prominent – and often highly contested – notion in Christian theology, especially when it comes to ecumenical encounters and dialogues. This also applies to the ecumenical dialogues of the Anglican Communion with other churches. Often, ways have been found to reconcile seemingly different understandings of ‘tradition’ and its articulation in the present. This volume shows how this has been achieved in the international bilateral dialogues of the Anglican Communion, ranging from conversations with the Baptist World Alliance to dialogues with the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches.
Prof. Dr. Peter-Ben Smit (1979) is professor for Ancient Catholic Church structures and the history and doctrine of Old Catholicism at Utrecht University, assistant professor of New Testament at VU University Amsterdam, and assistant priest of the Old Catholic parish of Amsterdam. He studied at the Universities of Amsterdam, Sheffield, and Bern, as well as at the Old Catholic Seminary in Utrecht and the General Theological Seminary in New York. He holds doctorates in Theology (New Testament), Anglican Studies, and the degree of Habilitation in Church History and Old Catholicism.