VU University Press Amsterdam is an academic publishing house specialised in scientific publications, popular science publications and textbooks for higher education. We offer our authors intensive guidance, high-quality editing and production services, and international marketing opportunities. We are known for our groundbreaking, socially engaged academic publications. While most of our publications are published in English and Dutch, we also support translation into other languages. VU University Press Amsterdam is located in the main building of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Our international rights are handled by Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency.

Three reasons to choose VU University Press

VU Universtity Press & Uitgeverij Vesuvius


Once the text is ready, your printed book will be available within two months at the Centraal Boekhuis and a month later at Amazon. We don’t have a ‘waiting list’. We work especially fast, thanks in part to a large team of freelancers.

One editor

You will deal with just one editor. This keeps the lines of communication short and clear. Our authors have considerable ‘say’ in decisions about the design and layout, so we create the book together.

Low price

The retail prices of our volumes are relatively low. This can be ascribed to our low overhead and our company philosophy: we are a service-publisher for the VU University. But we also welcome authors from elsewhere.

In-House Team

VU Universtity Press & Uitgeverij Vesuvius

Pier Rienks


Ilke Jacobs


Jan Anton Brouwer


Dorien Keus

Assistant Publisher